Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Fishy Feasibility Study for the Ark Encounter

The Barefoot and Progressive blog, originating from and focused on my home state of Kentucky, wants to know why the media is ignoring credibility questions surrounding the Ark's Encounter's "extensive independent feasibility study" by "the renowned America's Research Group" that Governor Steve Beshear has repeatedly cited as the reason the state is supporting this religion-based project with $37.5 million in tax incentives. The study was conducted by Ark Encounter Ken Ham's fundamentalist friend and business partner, yet even local papers like the Herald Leader or Courier Journal have shared this tiny bit of information with their readers.

The blog then does what the media need to be doing: it compares the Ark Encounter's staffing and visitor projections against non-religious based, much-more-popular theme parks and attractions. And it blows holes in those projections. You won't find any such questioning in the mainstream corporate media, of course.

Once again, the Kentucky media -- and Kentucky elected officials -- are letting us down. Is it fear of religious-based voters? Incompetence? Laziness?

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