Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Oh, Oprah...

I think that, for the most part, Oprah Winfrey uses her powers for good. I love her emphasis on personal responsibility. I love her emphasis on reading. I love that she's been so supportive of people who have been ostracized by society. She supported people who are gay before it was fashionable. She speaks and walks and works with dignity. She sees courage in people regardless of their economic level, education level, where their from, etc. She went camping. All that is so cool. I hope she keeps doing all that. Yes, including going camping.

But like most Christians and other believers in an invisible magical friend, she just cannot believe Atheists don't really believe the same. And I was reminded of this arrogance of so many believers as I watched her last show.

I don't doubt that Oprah and all those other religious folks really believe that anything good that they feel and anything good that happens to them comes from their invisible magical friend. I don't doubt their genuineness when they say that's their belief. I think they are delusional, but I don't doubt that their belief is sincere. But not only does Oprah and others think Atheists like me are delusional, they think we are not sincere when we say:

I do not believe in a god, or multiple gods, or anything supernatural.

When I am quiet, I don't hear any voice by my own. AND I NEVER EVER HAVE.

Coincidence is real. There is no such thing as destiny. Yes, you can control a lot of things in your life and influence others, but sometimes, things just happen - good or bad - for no reason at all.

I don't believe people are successful or live through a tornado because of a divine intervention any more than I believe people are unsuccessful or people are killed in a tornado because of a god was angry.

I'm not saying those things to be provocative, I'm not saying those things to make you mad, I'm not saying those things to challenge you. I'm saying them because I believe in them. They are my genuine feelings and beliefs. They are every bit as genuine and real as yours.

My affection and love doesn't come from a god. It comes from me. And my negative, even hateful thoughts don't come from Satan, nor a lack of a god. They also come from me. Just me.

If you want to think I'm delusional, that's fine, but please don't doubt my sincerity when I say these things. I mean them. And I'm fine. And my joy, love, sense of wonder and sense of fun is every bit as enjoyable as yours.

I accept your sincerity in your belief, Oprah (and others). It's long overdue that you accept mine.

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