Thursday, June 2, 2011

annoyed ≠ intolerant

Dan Savage wrote a rant about a customer that drove him crazy in line at a Starbuck's. And he ended the blog (or "slog", as he calls it), with this:

Didn't think I could hate the young goateed dope more... and then he sits down next to me, with his wife, and proceeds to loudly say grace* before eating his fucking pastry.

* For those who will accuse me of being intolerant: I didn't try to stop him from saying grace. I didn't start gathering signatures to put an initiative on the ballot that would prevent young goateed dopes from marrying or adopting children. I wanted to throttle him but... I tolerated him, I put up with him, I endured him. I am, as ever, the very model of a modern major tolerator. But I reserve the right to be annoyed by those I tolerate and to blog about it. Annoyed ≠ intolerant. Please make a note of it.

Right on.

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